13 October 2009

Indie Bands to Watch 2009

Indie Bands to Watch 2009

9 months ago 04th Jan 11:00
Indie Bands to Watch 2009

Kings of Leon look to set 2009 on fire

For many indie bands 2008 has gone by a little to fast, but with 2009 just around the corner they are fighting at the bit to make it big in 09.

With our proverbial finger always on the pulse, we have the top fives bands to keep an ear out for in the forthcoming year.

Kings Of Leon
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They may have been around for a while, but we predict that 2009 is going to be all about Kings of Leon. Their fourth album, 'Only by the Night' has been in the UK album charts for 12 weeks now, and is still climbing reaching a converted 4th position this week.

Their second release from the album, 'Use Somebody' climbed to number two in the charts, whilst their first hit 'Sex on Fire' is still hanging in at number 15. Since forming in 2000, the indie-rockers from Tennessee, have slowly been building up to what we predict is going to be an amazing 2009.

Kra Ra Riot

New York, indie band Ra Ra Riot released their debut album, 'The Rhumb Line' just a few months ago and it's getting some fantastic reviews. They have been touring with Vampire Weekend and made a few appearances in the UK throughout October and November.

'Can You Tell' and 'Ghost Under Rocks' from their album, are really great tunes and are well-worth having a listen too. Their sound is fresh and vibrant, complete with violins, catchy drum beats and smile-along lyrics.

Black Kids

The 'Black Kids' released their debut album 'Partie Traumatic' back in July 2008. Since then they have brought out catchy and successful singles, 'I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend...' and 'Hurricane Jane'.

Black Kids

Their album stormed in at number 5 in the UK charts, and they have been touring tirelessly across Europe since. They have been compared to Acade Fire and indie legends The Cure, and we think that much more is to come from these Florida-born, indie rockers.

Motel Motel

Brooklyn-based indie band Motel Motel released their debut album 'New Denver', back in July 2008. Things have been a bit quiet since the release but we predict that big things are going to come from this band.

Their roots are indie/folk rock and they certainly have a distinctive sound that has to be heard. The single 'Coffee', realised on their EP, is a mix of rattling, old-time country and foot-tapping good riffs. Look out for these come 2009.


Our last prediction for 2009, is the unusually named, indie band Suckers. They have been compared to the legend that is Mr. David Bowie, and listening to their single 'Beach Queen' you can see why. Based in New York, Suckers have been named one of the top bands to look out for in 2009 by music website; Ear Farm and have even been noticed by Time Out magazine, New York. Easy to listen to and enjoy with their chilled out lyrics and keyboard-led melodies, we reckon that Suckers will be big in 2009.

So, those were our predictions for the forthcoming year in the wonderful world of indie music, and if these few bands are anything to go by, it's going to be a great year.



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