15 April 2010

The Lipstick

The Lipstik

Officially established on 26/01/2008. THE lipstick is more influential on music in early 60's for their own learning that era's music. Try to give a new touch to the music of modern time. Hopefully entertaining us with songs. Thank all the support we are on to this day.

Line Up
- A L i (catchy guitar + voice)
- P i p i (main guitar + voice)

- J i m i e (bass guitar + voice)

- J a c k (drum sounds)

Any invitation please contact our manager :
- Mr.Theng : 017 – 6797715
- Mrs.Mancak : 017 – 3952395
Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/thelipstik

14 April 2010

Bunkface-punk rock


Through My Window – Bunkface

Bunkface is a four-piece Malaysian rock band from Klang, Selangor, formed in 2005. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Sam, bass guitarist and backup vocalist Youk, lead guitarist Paan, and drummer Ejam Coda. Popular songs by Bunkface include Bunk Anthem, Situasi, Silly Lily, High School Rocker, Tired Misson, Revolusi, Fine, Land Of Hope, Last Minute, Hyper Killer, Our Way, Prom Queen, and most recently, Through My Window.


The band started off as a group of four secondary school friends from SMK bukit rambai having casual jam sessions at Klang, Selangor, .[2] The name "Bunkface" had originated from an idea by a former drummer, Biak, who borrowed the word from one of Sum 41's songs "Crazy Amanda Bunkface".[3]

In March 2006, Bunkface won the first place for the Battle of the Bands competition organized by the Rhythm Of The Third World (ROTTW), a Malaysian music magazine. Bunkface got their first magazine feature through this,[4] and later on was approached by Demoplanet.tv, a Malaysian online music community, who offered them to sponsor a video clip for them. It was only in late 2006 when they participated in the hit TV show Blastoff that they finally caught the attention of the public.

Lesson of the Season

In December 2007, Bunkface released their first EP titled "Lesson of the Season", featuring 6 English tracks, mixing a pop-punk/alternative rock sound. The hit song "Silly Lily" was number 1 on Hitz.fm’s Malaysian Top Ten for 8 weeks and number 1 on Fly.fm’s Campur Chart for 10 weeks. Bunkface’s first Malay single Situasi stormed to number 1 on XFresh FM and steadily stayed at number 3 on Era FM for 3 weeks.

Bunkface won the Rockstar, Break Out as well as the The Ultimate Shout! Award in the inaugural Shout! Awards which was organized by 8TV and held for the first time at the Stadium Bukit Jalil. Their achievements at the awards drew the interests of the organizers of the One Movement For Music Perth (OMFM), who subsequently invited them to perform at the festival which was held on the 16th to the 18th of October, 2009. This marked their first time performing overseas in Australia.

Through My Window

Bunkface has joined the Everyone Connects campaign by TMNet and sung the song Through My Window which was used in the campaign's television advertisement. The song was first heard over the airwaves when an anonymous CD arrived at radio stations in the country.[5] This mystery generated an immediate buzz among the public, who wondered who the artist behind the song were. Bunkface's popularity soared when it was revealed that it was them who sung the song. Discussed widely throughout Facebook and Twitter, the song was said by many to be viral and infectious. Its fan base so far numbers more than 17,000 and it has garnered more than 3.7 million online mentions and over 6,600 video and audio uploads on Facebook[6]. The song even attracted a large crowd to a public sing-along at Jalan Bukit Bintang which also became the largest sing-along event in Malaysia.

Band members
Current members

- Shamsul Annuar (Sam) – lead vocals, guitar
- Muhammad Farouk Jaafar (Youk) – backing vocals, bass
- Ahmad Farhan Hashim (Paan) – lead guitar, backing vocals
- Ejam Coda – drums

Awards and Nominations

- 2009 Shout! Awards: Rockstar Awards, Break Out Award, as well as the The Ultimate Shout! Award.[8]
- 2009 Anugerah Juara Lagu: Finalist (for the song Situasi)

Credit to Rye and http://everyoneconnects.net/
- Bunkface's Official Website @ Myspace -
- www.myspace.com/bunkface -
- www.bunkfaceband.com -


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